52 Feet, 52 Weeks, 52 Reasons

Over the course of 52 weeks we revealed 52 reasons enticing reasons to visit the Bay of Fundy. That’s one reason for each of the roughly 52 feet of tidal range the Bay of Fundy experiences every 6 hours!

52 Feet, 52 Reasons, 52 WeeksBecause, not only is the Bay of Fundy home to the world’s highest tides, it is also a region bursting with natural phenomena, historic and cultural anecdotes and thrilling adventures.

With every foot the tides rise and fall, new and different experiences are revealed and yet another reason to visit the Bay of Fundy is uncovered. Scroll down to the comments section below and let us know the reasons why you would visit the Bay of Fundy!

Reason 52: Walk on the Ocean’s Floor

People walking on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick [Photo: New Brunswick Tourism and Parks]

During Fundy’s low tide cycle you are literally able to walk, and explore, the ocean floor. Ground covered only a few short hours earlier is revealed and the potential for finding newly exposed treasures, such as fossils, sea glass and semi-precious stones, make it easy to spend hours combing the shores. Read "Walk on the Ocean’s Floor"

Reason 51: Solitude

Sunset Chance Harbour

If it’s a holiday of solitude you’re seeking, the Bay of Fundy also provides its visitors with the opportunity to hear nothing but the a few birds singing soft melodies, waves crashing on to the shores and the wind rustling through the countryside. Read "Solitude"

Reason 50: Family, Fundy, Fun!

Magic Mountain Water Park

The Bay of Fundy is a great family vacation destination. An abundance of national and provincial parks for camping, hiking and picnics, an array of outdoor adventures including whale watching and tidal bore rafting, quirky attractions like Moncton’s Magnetic Hill or Saint John’s Reversing Rapids. Read "Family, Fundy, Fun!"

Reason 48: Diverse Coastline

Southwest Head, Grand Manan

Nowhere but the Bay of Fundy can combine the strength of the highest, most powerful tides in the world with the natural beauty of a diverse, unspoiled shoreline. Discover rich eco-systems of bogs and marshes, towering sea stacks and cliffs and both sand and rock beaches. Read "Diverse Coastline"

Reason 46: Camping

The Bay of Fundy offers visitors a variety options for those folks who prefer camping over traditional hotels or bed and breakfasts. Whether it be wilderness camping, pulling in your motorhome or setting up in a camper’s cabin, rest peacefully as you fall asleep to the sound of the Bay of Fundy.