Learn More About the Bay of Fundy

Located off the northern coast of Maine and extending into Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the natural phenomenon known as the Bay of Fundy is a 270 km (170 mile) long ocean bay that’s home to the world’s highest tides (54 feet/16m).

The Bay of Fundy has a diverse ecosystem and a marine biodiversity comparable to the Amazon Rainforest. Its waters are populated with up to 12 species of whales, an abundance of dolphins, porpoises, fish, seals, seabirds and more.

All this is framed by an equally varied surrounding geological landscape consisting of breathtaking rock cliffs, eroded sandstone statues, dramatic mud flats and marsh plateaus.

And the culture of this region ranges from the sea-bound traditions of Maine and the Fundy Isles, to the loyalist pride of Saint John and the lush and rich farmlands of the Annapolis Valley, the homeland of Acadian heritage.

It truly is one of the greatest natural tourist attractions in the world and represented Canada as one of the finalists in the worldwide New7Wonders of Nature contest.