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The power of the tides has created unique, invigorating and wild rides. There are different degrees of adventure and the Bay of Fundy offers a little of each.

Kayak in the Reversing Falls
Kayak in the Reversing Falls

Challenge the Reversing Falls

For the experienced white water kayaker, the reversing falls at low tide present an incredible challenge, making a great ride. Read a first hand account of kayaking the Reversing Falls

For the less adventurous, but equally daring, try walking through the falls in a unique “bubble” or taking part in a jet boat ride.

Ride the Tidal Bore & Mud Sliding

The earth at the top of the Bay opens up to waters that rush in at high tide. A few local companies take advantage of this phenomena by offering white water adventure tours. This is a wild experience that is truly unique to the Bay of Fundy.

Once the Tidal Bore is emptied of the mighty waters of high tide, steep muddy banks are revealed. For the truly adventurous and slightly crazy only. Read more about riding the tidal bore.

Sea Kayaking

The Bay of Fundy has fantastic opportunities for sea kayakers. The waters can be still at times, as the Bay does offer shelter from the open ocean’s wake creating fantastic conditions to explore a largely undeveloped shoreline. With six hours between low and high tides, the view of the tide worn shores is constantly changing. Learn more about sea kayaking on the Bay of Fundy.

Scuba Diving

For those that brave the cold waters of the Bay, Fundy offers spectacular underwater life and superb challenge. Deer Island, among the Fundy Isles, is a local scuba diving hot spot.

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Home to at least eight different species of whales, whale watching is a popular activity on the Bay of Fundy. Tours range from 2 to 6 hours and are offered from a variety of coastal locations along the southern parts of the Bay. Learn more about whale watching or read all about the whales in the Bay of Fundy.

Hiking / Backpacking

The Bay of Fundy has trails for all levels of hiking.  Whether looking for a short path to a breathtaking view or a back country paradise, the shores of the Bay have it all. Learn more about the available hiking adventure around the Bay of Fundy.

Rappelling / Rock Climbing

Cape Enrage is one of the Bay of Fundy’s most dramatic rock faces, creating an opportunity for the most spectacular rappelling and rock climbing in the region. An ideal activity for the adventurous.


Many caves have been carved out of the shores of the Bay by the power of the tides. Exploring these caves can be invigorating and dangerous. Cavers always need to beware of the rising tide.  Guided tours are available. Caving in New Brunswick:

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    In addition to the above activities, you can now go on zodiac style boat rides to some of the most impressive geological formations on the Bay of Fundy, such as Cape Split, Cape d’Or and one of the wildest experiences on the bay, to Isle Haute. These tours depart from Advocate Harbour.

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