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Northern Red Sea Anemone Deer Island
Northern Red Sea Anemone – Dive Buddies 4 Life

With chilly waters of an average temperature of 0 to 2 degrees Celsius (or 32 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit), diving with a dry suit really is the best way to experience the wonder found under the Bay of Fundy.

Divers can explore the rocky ocean floor, which is rich with flora and fauna and populated with an abundance of well-fed sea creatures.

Many have ranked the Bay of Fundy above Australia’s Great Barrier Reef when examining the extensive and exceptional pyramid of the marine food-chain it has created, and as a consequence, the broad and diverse range of marine life it attracts.

A Rock Crab in the Atlantic
Rock Crab in Dead Man’s Fingers – Dive Buddies 4 Life

Boat charters are available from St. Andrews but many great dives along the Bay are beach dives. A favourite scuba spot is within the Fundy Isles is off Deer Island.

The small island is readily accessible by ferry which docks a short drive from some great beach diving locations. The diving spots are very tide dependant and good for advanced level divers who are familiar with the area.

There is always the potential for very dangerous conditions, therefor prospective divers should always talk to the locals before attempting any dive in the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.

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    when is the best time to see blue whales and clear water for scuba diving

    COJO Diving

    COJO Diving runs seasonal dive charters to various islands in the Bay of Fundy with departures out of St. Andrews. Equipment rentals and air fills are available on site! Private bookings are available for groups of 12, or reserve a spot on one of our pre-scheduled “walk on” charters.

    Sam Cormier

    For all scuba diving equipment and knowledge you can contact La Dive Shop in the Moncton Area.

    [email protected]

    11 Darrowby Ln, Shediac Cape, NB
    E4P 3B1, Canada

    Robert Gardiner

    I am visiting the Bay of Fundy in September, I will have my 7 mm semi-dry with me and not much else (except my cameras). Could anyone tell me who I can call to arrange a few dives and some rock pooling with my non diving wife.


    How much would it cost for 28 people to go scuba diving? How much are the scuba diving equipment if you can rent them

    Raymond Martin

    I also heard from fellow divers and friends that Bay of Fundy is better than the Great Barrier Reef. Though I still have to see it for myself, judging from the pictures and testaments, I am already sold that it’s indeed a wonder to behold and I can’t wait to get my chance of exploring it.

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