Campobello Island, New Brunswick

Kayak around Campobello Island
Kayak around Campobello Island

The Fundy Isles’ Campobello Island, 70 sq. km (30 sq. mi), is connected to the mainland only by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Bridge at Lubec, Maine. To reach Campobello Island from Canada, one has to take two ferries – one from mainland New Brunswick to Deer Island, and then a second ferry to Campobello Island.

Two of the island’s most popular sites include the Roosevelt Campobello International Park – former summer home of President and Mrs. Roosevelt – and East Quoddy Lighthouse – one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. Popular activities on Campobello Island include beachcombing, bird watching, hiking, nature walks, and whale watching.

Population: 1,195
Industries: Fishing, Tourism

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Getting to Campobello Island

By Ferry

One way to reach Campobello Island is travel to L’Etete, New Brunswick, and line up to board one of two goverment operated ferries that leave L’Etete for Deer Island every half hour between 6:30am and 5:00pm and every hour between 5:30pm and 10:30pm. There is no toll for this ferry!

Returning from Deer Island to L’Etete, the ferries departs Deer Island every half hour between 6:00am and 5:00pm and every hour between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.

Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Bridge
Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Bridge

Once on Deer Island, drive across the island and get in line to board yet another ferry! This ferry service is operated by East Coast Ferries and a toll is charged for each crossing. The ferry leaves Deer Island on the hour between 8:30am and 6:30pm and Campobello on the half hour between 9:00am and 7:00pm (The two last trips are omitted in June and September). This crossing is only available June through September.

For more information pertaining to these ferry services please visit

By Land

If you are travelling to Campobello from the State of Maine, or if you do not enjoy ferry rides, cross the FDR Memorial Bridge which joins Lubec, ME to Campobello Island, NB.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park

The park, established in 1964, is one of only two of its kind in the world. Covering 2800 acres, Roosevelt Campobello International Park is home to the Roosevelt Cottage, former summer retreat of President Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Learn the history of the island and its significance to the Roosevelt family.

Mulholland Point Light
Mulholland Point Light

Also located in the park is Mulholland Point Lighthouse. Admission is free, but donations are accepted. Open daily late May through early October, 10am-6pm Atlantic. The last tour of the cottage is at 5:45pm Atlantic.

Herring Cove Provincial Park

Take some time to explore Herring Cove Provincial Park, on the Eastern side of Campobello Island. Stroll along the mile-long pebble and sandy beach, challenge yourself to nine-holes of golf or hike one or more of the park’s six trails systems.

East Quoddy Lighthouse
East Quoddy Lighthouse

East Quoddy Lighthouse

Locally referred to as the Head Harbour Lighthouse, this is one of Canada’s oldest lighthouses. Now automated, its purpose has always been to help boats navigate the Bay of Fundy and the Passamaquoddy Bay.Time your visit to the lighthouse carefully as it is only accessible an hour and a half before, and one hour after, low tide. East Quoddy Lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.

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    James Besancon

    The Lubec bank (Bar Harbor Bank and Trust)_ATM does not carry Canadian cash, and the branch closes at 3pm most days, later on Fridays. Does anyone know if the Camp[obello Pharmacy ATM has open hours? I guess I can call them.


    Due to COVID, are Canadians allowed to visit Campobellow island? Are American citizens allowed as well?

    sharon claytor

    We will be traveling to northern Maine last week in September and would love to see Bay of Fundy. Our rental car is not allowed to leave the US. How can we get to Campobello ferry?

    Maureen Dean

    I don`t think the kayaking picture is Campobello. It looks more like the Hopewell Rocks area.


    campobello is a beautiful island it great for a vacation spot go if you love the beach people and love spending time with friends and family

    Hilarie woods

    Do you need a Canadian passport to go from Canada to Campabello Island?


      no you do not you can just go over with you car on the ferry or by the brig but you’ll need you passport to go back to the us but if your not going to the us you don’t need it


      Why would you need a Canadian passport to visit a Canadian island??

        Maureen Dean

        Check the geography, me dear.

    Zoe Hoyle

    Is it possible or desirable to walk across the FDR Memorial Bridge? We’re thinking of staying in either a Victorian in town, or in the Quoddy Lighthouse Station house? Any opinions?

      Former Islander

      It is possible to walk across the bridge although there is not much there except for the tourist information centre and the Mulholland Lighthouse. It is mostly park land along that end of the island. There are terrific hiking trails and fantastic views from that area though. I plan on taking friends there this summer for some on foot adventures.

        Bay of Fundy

        Thanks for sharing!

      Karen E. Moore

      Yes you can walk across the FDR Bridge. My daughter and son-in-law are moving to NB for work. They will be living in Saint Stephen and he is working on Campobello Island.

    Julie Walker

    Wondering why the ferry from Campobello to Deer Island shuts down so early? Tourists are plentiful in the month of October and love taking this route to New Brunswick.

      Bay of Fundy

      I’ve wondered the same thing myself. I am afraid I don’t have the answer and the best I can do is suggest you give them a call. Their 800 number is in the comment below this one.

    M. Lyndall

    I’m concerned about obtaining Canadian currency once we cross the bridge from Lubec, and I understand the ferries take only cash. Do you know where we can find an ATM for Canadian currency?

      Bay of Fundy

      There might be an ATM in the park, but I am not sure. There’s definitely a bank in Lubec and I would be surprised if they don’t carry Canadian currency. That being said, most places that are close to the border accept US dollars (often at a 1:1 exchange rate) and I don’t expect the ferry to be an exception. You can double check with them directly at 1-877-747-2159.

    Campobello Island Tourism Association

    Dear Mike: Great article. Could you please add our new website to your community links?

    Thank you

      Bay of Fundy

      It’s added! Thanks for submitting your url.

    Sharen Sherman

    When does the ferry from Deer Island to Campobello actually stop service in September? Is there a way to get from Campobello to drive north toward ST John?

      Bay of Fundy

      I am not sure what the exact date is. I’d suggest emailing East Coast Ferries at [email protected].

      If you are willing (and able) to cross in and out of the United States, you can take the Memorial Bridge and then enter Canada again via Saint Stephen. It’s definitely the long way around though (about 200km) and you should roughly count on a 3 hour trip.

    elizabeth koopman

    I am eager for more visibility of the Passamaquoddy on these websites. This is their homeland historically for thousands of years and also currently.

    Justice and accuracy, in addition to respect and inclusion, require greater inclusivity of these First Nations in all ways, including education, marketing, and tourism.

    All peoples will benefit.

    Thank you very much.
    Elizabeth Koopman

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