The Fundy Coast

The Fundy Coast

The Fundy Coast of New Brunswick is home to the world’s highest tides, and many of the stops along the way showcase this. In this guest post Jen Smith shares her list of the places worth a stop in this spectacular area! Read "The Fundy Coast"

Walk on the Ocean’s Floor

During Fundy’s low tide cycle you are literally able to walk, and explore, the ocean floor. Ground covered only a few short hours earlier is revealed and the potential for finding newly exposed treasures, such as fossils, sea glass and semi-precious stones, make it easy to spend hours combing the shores. Read "Walk on the Ocean’s Floor"


If it’s a holiday of solitude you’re seeking, the Bay of Fundy also provides its visitors with the opportunity to hear nothing but the a few birds singing soft melodies, waves crashing on to the shores and the wind rustling through the countryside. Read "Solitude"

Family, Fundy, Fun!

The Bay of Fundy is a great family vacation destination. An abundance of national and provincial parks for camping, hiking and picnics, an array of outdoor adventures including whale watching and tidal bore rafting, quirky attractions like Moncton’s Magnetic Hill or Saint John’s Reversing Rapids. Read "Family, Fundy, Fun!"

Diverse Coastline

Nowhere but the Bay of Fundy can combine the strength of the highest, most powerful tides in the world with the natural beauty of a diverse, unspoiled shoreline. Discover rich eco-systems of bogs and marshes, towering sea stacks and cliffs and both sand and rock beaches. Read "Diverse Coastline"

St. Martins & the Fundy Trail Parkway

St. Martins & the Fundy Trail Parkway

An hour outside Saint John on the Fundy Coastal Drive will bring you to the charming, fishing village of St. Martins. Set on the Bay of Fundy, visitors love exploring the miles of unspoiled beaches, learning about fresh and salt water fishing, the active harbour with its twin covered bridges, and the sea caves and salt marshes. Read "St. Martins & the Fundy Trail Parkway"