Walk on the Ocean’s Floor

People walking on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. Photo: New Brunswick Tourism and Parks

We have mentioned that extraordinary vertical variance of the Bay of Fundy’s great tides in many of our reasons to visit Fundy. Near the head of the Bay, towering sea cliffs and sea stacks are exposed at low tide with a vertical variance that can exceed 50 feet or 15 metres.

The horizontal variance between low and high tide is equally astonishing – up to 3 miles or 5 kilometers. You do, however, have to be careful when you explore the exposed ocean floor because the water can rush back in at over 10 meters per minute! As a general rule, the ocean floor is accessible for exploring three hours before and three hours after low tide.

Therefore during Fundy’s low tide cycle you are literally able to walk, and explore, the ocean floor.

Ground covered only a few short hours earlier is revealed and the potential for finding newly exposed treasures, such as fossils, sea glass and semi-precious stones, make it easy to spend hours combing the shores.

This was the 52nd (and last) article in our “52 Reasons to visit the Bay of Fundy” series. Click here to check out the full list of reasons to visit the Bay of Fundy!

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    Madonna Spinazola

    One of the best places to actually experience the Bay of Fundy is a little gem of a Hamlet where you can eat fresh lobsters watch the fishers come in with their catch or even better what as they prepare to go out! Interesting to see how they use their bait and traps……. Gives a new perspective to eating fish!!! You can visit a 120+ year old General store, where the only items you will there are “handmade” creative a (one of a kind) treasures ! A place closest to ones heart favourite. Play and find “treasures” at low tide…..(better wear something you are willing to throw away afterwards lol. Check out our Hall’s Harbour Community Development Association’s newly constructed May 2023 and follow please, and thank you , https://www.discoverhallsharbour.com/

      Madonna Spinazola

      OOPS!!!!! I forgot to tell you Hall’s Harbour is in, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada. lol Maritimes, Canada’s Ocean Playground, a Place where you will feel the vibes!


    When the tide changes, the water rises at the rate of almost 3 meters an hour


    How long does it take to walk around the Hopewell Rocks ocean floor?

    Bonita Reed

    Is the ocean floor easily accessible for seniors to explore?


    You spent so much time writing “52 Reasons to visit the Bay of Fundy” and answering questions. Why wouldn’t you mention where exactly this great place is on a map? Or, is everyone expected to know it?


    What is the Bay of Fundy like in March/April? Decent to visit? Are attractions open?


    I am visiting Halifax. Nova Scotia…..is the Bay of Fundy very far from this area?

      Bay of Fundy

      The nearest point is about an hour drive. The Bay of Fundy is a big area though, so I’d just use Google Maps to figure out how far your particular destination is from Halifax.


    We will be walking the Floor on the 28th of August, bringing friends from New Zealand as it will be their first time visiting Canada.

    Cayle Lee

    What is the address? I want to know the address to type in my nevigation

    Lisa & Mike

    Coming there and wondering if there are hotels motels or inn to stay at


      I’ve booked in the town of Saint Martin’s at a B&B heading there for August 30+31


    Hi there were on a family road trip and will be in New Brunswick on July 8 heading towards Nova Scotia and PEI. Can you tell me where the best places to go for whale watching, watching the whales, and how much time should we alot for the Cabot trail?

      Bay of Fundy

      You could go whale watching in St. Andrews, NB (https://www.bayoffundy.com/places/area/st-andrews/type/whale-watching/) or do it as part of the Cabot trail (http://www.cabottrail.com/whalewatching.html). The Cabot trail isn’t really part of the Bay of Fundy so I am not as familiar with it. However, I think the actual driving part takes about 4 hours. Most people will add an extra day though and stay somewhere in the area, especially if you want to do any activities other than driving.

        george hulse

        Mike, you seem to be the go to answer man. It was a compliment. I am considering a visit to the ST. Johns area in the next year or two and have enjoyed exploring the town through google maps. I like to visit places that do their best at leaving a small footprint and while I know the area is dependent upon tourists and fishing, what does the area do to keep it pristine as possible. what time of year is best for whale watching. You know what I am probably going to drive you insane with questions. Can we communicate via an email and and while google is great for getting the information, it has it’s own agenda so I WOULD LIKE TO CHAT WITH SOMEONE. Sorry for caps

        Bay of Fundy

        August and September are both great months for whale watching. To get all your questions answered, I’d recommend calling the folks at Tourism New Brunswick: 1-800-561-0123.


    Can you please let me know how do I get there at bay of fundy by car and flight from New York? I am more interested to walk on the beach and to see those amazing tall rocks in the ocean to take some nice photos. Please send me a address to put in my GPS to calculate the driving distance. I am a USA citizen. Thanks much!


      Hi John,
      Burntcoat Head Park in Nova Scotia is a fantastic place to explore the ocean floor in the beautiful Bay of Fundy. To get here by air I suggest flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia. Once there you can rent a car and travel approximately 1 hour to Burntcoat Head to walk on the ocean floor. The address is 611 Burntcoat Rd, Noel, NS B0N 2C0.


      John, check out this address this property is right at the spot where you walk the ocean floor. It will give you the mileage you need to get there. We have friends coming from New Zealand and will be taking them here end of summer. Enjoy
      Brian & Brenda Pollock owners of

      Tel: (506) 734-2975
      Toll Free: 1-888-759-7070
      4135 Hopewell Cape NB, E4H 3K2
      [email protected]


      Or you can fly into Saint John, New Brunswick, rent a car it’s only about a 2 hour drive. The motel I mentioned before also has really great rates and it’s within 500 feet of the tides.

    Noel Hamann

    Footwear: Do I need special foot wear to walk on the ocean floor?
    As our walking trails are sloping and the rocks on the beach are very slippery, wearing suitable footwear will make your visit more enjoyable. (i.e. good ankle support, non-slippery and easy to clean.)


    Can I bring our small dog (20lbs)?

      Bay of Fundy

      For sure, lots of people bring their dogs with them


      By any chance, would you mind putting your dog on a lease? Dog lovers forget that lots of people who are actually really nice, kind, helpful folks do not enjoy dogs! I do not enjoy when they are running around unexpectedly in my personal space. It never amazes me how many owners are just angry or laugh about that.


    Do you need to wear old shoes or flip flops to walk out on the ocean floor at The Bay of Fundy? Just wondering since we will be there in about 3 weeks:)

      Bay of Fundy

      You don’t absolutely have to, a lot of people will just walk around on their bare feet. In a lot of spots it’s just soft mud and most rocks are nice and round because of the erosion caused by the tides. Of course I can’t 100% guarantee there won’t be anything sharp on the ocean floor, so if you have an old pair of shoes you don’t mind getting muddy it’s a little safer to wear those.


    Is there an area that is like this on the Nova Scotia side?

      Bay of Fundy

      Yes there is! You can walk on the ocean floor in Blomidon Park (near Wolfville).


    Can you drive right up to these scenic views at hope well rocks on New Brunswick. And can you drive to the bay of fundy to see the tide. Rather then hiking into these places?

      Bay of Fundy

      You can almost drive right up to the views at Hopewell Rocks. The last bit is an easy 15-20 minute walk. If you do not wish to walk or have mobility issues, you can also use their shuttle service: http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/plan-your-visit/shuttle-service

      There are plenty of places along the Bayoffundy where you can drive right up to see the tides. Pretty much any wharf will fit the bill. My personal favourite is Halls Harbour, check out this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbzwzrZXUKA) and you’ll see you can park right next to the tides. There’s also a great little restaurant there, overlooking the tides.

        Kim MacDonald

        The question on where can you see the tides in Nova Scotia, similar to Hopewell Rocks is at Burntcoat Head Park in East Hants, Nova Scotia. You can take a great hike on the ocean floor.

        Burntcoat is THE site of the world’s highest recorded tides. They aren’t at Hopewell Rocks…and Blomidon near Wolfville doesn’t allow you to experience the tides as you do at Burntcoat.

        Check it out next summer! It is beautiful.


    Donna Cook

    Enjoy seeing it & I can’t wait to see it again

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