High tides and high adventure around the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is a unique environment. Its unique geography leads to the highest tidal range in the world and a marine ecosystem as rich as the Amazonian rainforest. For the ultimate adventure holiday, you just have to go.

Tidal Bore Rafting Splash

From high to low

If you are looking to spend five days or so on an adventure holiday in the Bay of Fundy area you are in for a real treat. The unique land and seascape lends itself to a host of activities some of which are just unequalled anywhere else in the world. On day one you have to try out tidal bore rafting and there is nothing boring about it: twice a day that phenomenal tide causes a standing wave of sea water up to a metre high to rush into the rivers at 10mph. The Bay of Fundy is the only place in the world you can go white water rafting on a tidal bore. After the excitement of riding the bore, try some sea kayaking and explore the wild and unspoilt coastline.

On the rocks and in the ocean

If you have ever been to one of the Austria ski resorts off season, you might have tried rappelling. On day two you can take this experience to a new and scarily high, level on Cape Enrage where a sheer rock face and astonishing views out over the bay result in the most high octane rappelling to be found in the region. After all that excitement and exertion on days one and two, try a different sort of adventure on day three with a day of whale watching in the bay. If you have some time left over, consider some scuba diving. The Bay of Fundy has spectacular sea life and offers challenging diving conditions. Try visiting Deer Island for some of the best scuba diving in the area.

Into the earth and onto the hills

Those amazing tides have carved many astonishing caves into the rocks which would put those found in the mountains of the Austria ski resorts to shame. Exploring these caves is an adrenaline rush with an added danger; the incoming tide will soon swallow you up if you are not careful. On day four then go exploring deep into the earth in the caves around the bay but do make sure you take an experienced guide from one of the local companies who know the tides and caves very well. You should not leave the Bay of Fundy without ensuring you get a complete appreciation of its beauty so on day five go for a day’s hiking and take in all the beauty of the bay.

Time to go

There are many travel destinations for adventure holidays which claim to be unique but the Bay of Fundy truly is. You will find an incredible landscape which creates diverse environments for a huge range of activities, some of which are not possible anywhere else. The only question is when you will return.

Peter Smith

Peter is an avid skier and instructor who spends much of his time on the alpine slopes. When not teaching in one of his native austria ski resorts he enjoys travelling on adventure holidays and blogging about his travels.

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