Deep Sea Fishing: One of Canada’s Best Spots

Set out on the Bay of Fundy from Digby, NS, Campobello Island, NB or St. Andrews, NB ( on a deep sea fishing adventure. Cast your line (gear and bait provided) and reel in the catch. Typical sport fishing excursions last between three and four hours.

Popular catch in the Bay of Fundy include mackerel, pollack, flounder, cod, haddock, halibut and the porbeagle shark.

Porbeagle sharks, a mackerel shark, reside in oceans throughout the world but like the cold waters of the North Atlantic, including the Bay of Fundy. Averaging 2.5m or 8.2ft in length and weighing approximately 135kg or 300lbs, the porbeagle shark is a popular game fish.

As an added bonus, while deep sea fishing on the Bay of Fundy, you will most likely have an opportunity to view a variety of marine mammals (whales, porpoise and seals) and seabirds and learn a bit about the history of the fishing industry in the Fundy region.

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    I would like to know if these fishing trips are catch and release or do I get to actually get to take a bite out of a monster I catch?


    Any deep sea fishing in the digby area?


    Any fishing available for tomorrow Aug 2nd

    Sanford Blum

    Would like to book a deep sea fishing charter first week in September Please call me at 305 342 2768

    Sanford Blum

    Would like to book a deep sea fishing charter first week in September


    How much do you charge for a day trip do you charter the boat or charge by the person also do you supply rods and bait and how many people can go at once?  Thanks very much you can call me if you want 506 850 0311. 

    Thank you for your time 

    Mark Campbell

    Brent Reid


    I would like to come fishing with my friends. Could you let me know the packages available? I am best reached via email because I am traveling for Business.



    Where can we go deep sea fishing close to Digby?

      Bay of Fundy

      There used to be Slocum’s Deep Sea Fishing Cruises, but I think they may have permanently closed down. Most charters these days seem to be in the Halifax and South Shore area. There’s a list of them here: I’d suggest you also give Nova Scotia Tourism a call at 1-800-565-0000.

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