Rich Ecosystem: 50 Amazing Places to Explore

Cape Enrage Lighthouse
Cape Enrage Lighthouse

The Bay of Fundy’s rich ecosystems, including many bogs, marshes and mudflats, support the lives of numerous plants and animals.

The New Brunswick side of the Upper Bay of Fundy is home to the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, one of 531 landscapes in 105 countries designated as UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. These 430,000 hectares – ranging along the coastline from St. Martins to the Tantramar Marshes and inland to Moncton – are one of only 15 such ecosystems in Canada. The Biosphere emphasizes the importance of conservation and sustainability in the region, as well as its uniqueness with respect to its geological formations, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and history and culture. (The Fundy Biosphere Reserve, 2011)

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve named 50 “Amazing Places” for visitors to explore:

Moosehorn (Image by Matt Smith)

Kayak Hopewell Rocks
Hopewell Rocks
Point Wolfe River Estuary
Point Wolfe River Estuary (Image by Brian Townsend)
Looking out from inside a huge sea cave at the Hopewell Rocks
Sea Cave (Image by Paul Gaudet)
  1. Big Salmon River
  2. Black Hole
  3. Bore Park and the Tidal Bore
  4. Cape Enrage
  5. Cape Maringouin
  6. Caribou Plain
  7. Cradle Brook
  8. Crooked Creek Look-Off
  9. Dickson Falls
  10. The Forks
  11. Dragon’s Tooth
  12. Moosehorn
  13. Eye of the Needle
  14. Fossilized Sand Dunes
  15. Fuller Falls
  16. Goose Creek
  17. Goose River
  18. Hayward Pinnacle
  19. The Hopewell Rocks
  20. Irishtown Nature Park
  21. Johnson’s Mills
  22. Laverty Falls
  23. Little Salmon River
  24. Long Beach
  25. Martin Head
  26. Marven Lake
  27. Mary’s Point
  28. Million Dollar View
  29. New Horton Hawk Watch Site
  30. Pangburn and Melvin Beach and Cliffs
  31. Peck’s Cove
  32. Point Wolfe River Estuary
  33. Prosser Ridge Lookout
  34. Quaco Head
  35. Rapidy Brook
  36. Sackville Waterfowl Park
  37. Sea Caves
  38. Seely Beach
  39. Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert)
  40. Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh
  41. Slack’s Cove
  42. Squaw’s Cap Look-off
  43. Telegraph Brook Beach
  44. Third Vault Falls
  45. Tracey Lake
  46. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Falls
  47. Upper Salmon River Estuary
  48. Waterside and Dennis Beaches
  49. Wolfe River Gorge
  50. Wolf Brook
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