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For those travelers flying into the Fundy region, there are number of options available…

Saint John Airport

Airport Code: YSJ
Carriers: Air Canada
Distance to Fundy: 20 minutes

Greater Moncton Airport

Airport Code: YQM
Carriers: Air Canada, Lufthansa, WestJet, Continental
Distance to Fundy: 50 minutes

Greater Fredericton Airport

Airport Code: YFC
Carriers: Air Canada, Delta
Distance to Fundy: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Halifax International Airport

Airport Code: YHZ
Carriers: Air Canada, Georgian Air, WestJet, American, Delta, Air Transat, United Airlines, Continental, Northwest
Distance to Fundy: 1 hour

Bangor International Airport

Airport Code: BGR
Carriers: Delta, Northwest, American, US Airways, Continental
Distance to Fundy: 3 hours

Portland International Jetport

Airport Code: PWM
Carriers: US Airways, United, Continental, Delta, Northwest, jetBlue
Distance to Fundy: 5 hours

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    Thanks for this list I was just looking at the best location to arrive.


    Hello – is there a train or bus from St John NB airport to
    the St Andrews by the Sea area?


      Bay of Fundy

      Hi Mary,

      There’s no direct connection. However, there is a bus service from Saint John to St. Andrews. Click here for details.

      To get to Saint John from the airport, you’d probably want to take a taxi. I believe there is also a City Transit bus service from the airport, but that would certainly be less convenient.

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