Travel by Car

Many people opt to drive to the Bay of Fundy. Below find a chart to help estimate traveling distances.

St. Andrews Saint John Moncton Bar Harbor
Bangor 115mi/185km 165mi/265km 255mi/415km 50mi/75km
Boston 360mi/575km 405mi/655km 500mi/800km 290mi/465km
Montreal 400mi/645km 450mi/725km 540mi/875km 330mi/535km
NYC 555mi/895km 605mi/975km 700mi/1125km 490mi/785km
Toronto 735mi/1180km 780mi/1255km 875mi/1410km 665mi/1065km

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    sorry I thought you wanted to know what I was interested in seeing and doing.


    first time visit, enjoy water fall, swimming, whale watching, gardens, fishing, outdoor activities. food. crafts. camping. up for an experience. budget conscious.

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