Magnetic Hill

A phenomenon first noticed by local farmers in the 19th century, Magnetic Hill is located in Moncton, New Brunswick along the Fundy Coastal Drive. While traveling on this hill, farmers noticed that their horses were struggling to go downhill, yet on the return trip uphill the wagons would catch up to the horses’ feet.

Today visitors to the region can drive to the foot of this hill, put their vehicles in neutral and coast backwards to the top of the hill.

Some believe that Magnetic Hill is merely an optical illusion, while others say a large magnet has been buried at the hill’s peak.

Following a trip up Magnetic Hill, perhaps check out one or more of the following attractions situated nearby:

  • Magic Mountain Water Park
  • Magnetic Hill Winery
  • Magnetic Hill Zoo
  • Wharf Village
  • Go-Cart Track
  • Butterfly World

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