Rappelling and Climbing at Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage Rappelling
Rappelling at Cape Enrage

Off the beaten path, the Cape Enrage is located along Route 915 in Albert County (New Brunswick) and is often explored as a detour by those travelling between Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks.

Cape Enrage’s rappelling adventure is about two hours in duration and as many descents as participants are energy for during that time period, typically about six descents.  The rappel face – 43m or 140ft – is situated over a fossil beach that is washed daily by the high tides of the Bay of Fundy.  The return trek to the top takes only three to five minutes by foot.

Adjacent to the rappel face is the 18.5m or 60ft cliff used for rock climbing.  As with rappelling, climbing is generally a two hour adventure and the number of actual climbs being dependent on one’s energy level.  Fundy’s tides do play a factor with this adventure – with the cliffs being inaccessible for three to four hours during high tide.

Cape Enrage Lighthouse
Cape Enrage Lighthouse

Equipment and experienced guides are provided for both adventures.  Comfortable clothing and rugged footwear are recommended.

For those interesting in learning more about these sports, Cape Enrage also offers a 12-hour course titled “Learning the Ropes: An Introduction to Safe Rappelling & Climbing”.  No experience is necessary prior to taking the certificate-bearing course.

In addition to the outdoor adventures available at Cape Enrage, it is a great place of observe the ebb and flow of Fundy’s great tides and the onsite lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on mainland New Brunswick; built in 1840 (CapeEnrage.ca, 2011).

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    Ron and I had so much fun that long weekend in August. I admit. I was scared to death. At one point, I told the guide that I had no problem donating my money that I paid back to the organization. 🙂 The guide was so supportive and assured me that it was safe. Ron reminded me that I’m a coach and that is what I coach on, helping people move through fears. I put into practice what I teach, thanked Ron for that reminder and reluctantly repelled down the cliff. Thank you for being such fabulous, supportive guides. Without that I may have made the choice to donate my money and would missed out on a fabulous experience. You guys are GREAT coaches.

    Walter Balcomb

    This sounds like a lot of fun!

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