Where to Find the Best Seafood Dinner in the Bay of Fundy

Pan-Seared Digby Scallops
Pan-Seared Digby Scallops

One of the first things visitors often ask upon arriving in the Fundy region is “Where can I go for a great seafood dinner?”

That’s easy.

Fishing is one of the region’s major industries and there are a multitude of restaurants in nearly every community that lines the shores of Fundy specializing in fresh, local seafood with options for all budgets. Clams, mussels, salmon, haddock, halibut, shrimp and perhaps the most popular – scallops and lobster.


Digby, Nova Scotia, a coastal community found on Bay of Fundy, is home to the largest inshore scallop fleet in the world and the famous sweet and plump Digby Scallop. Pan fried, wrapped in bacon or in a thick chowder… delicious!

If your travels bring you to Digby during early August, be sure to check out the annual Scallop Days festival and perhaps try your hand at shucking one of these tasty molluscs.


Bay of Fundy lobster is considered by many to be the best-tasting lobster in the world. The Bay’s cold waters contribute to the quality of the meat, while the lobster’s Fundy diet gives the meat its special flavour (FundyLobster.com, 2011). Lobster rolls, lobster bisque or cracked and dipped in butter… Fundy lobster is a yummy treat!


A few suggestions for places to stop and sample some Fundy seafood:

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

  • Restaurants: Harbourfront Restaurant, The Gables, Europa

Enroute from St. Andrews to Saint John

  • Smoke Salmon: Follow the signs off the highway to Oven Head Salmon Smokers or Wolfhead Salmon Smokers.
  • Take away: Ossie’s Take-out
  • Sit-in: Comeau’s Restaurnat

Saint John, New Brunswick

  • Restaurants: Billy’s Seafood, Grannan’s Seafood, Steamer’s Lobster Company
  • Take away: Lord’s Lobster
  • Fresh seafood: Billy’s Seafood, Lord’s Lobster

St. Martins, New Brunswick

  • Restaurants: Cave View Restaurant, Seaside Restaurant, Tidal Watch Inn

Alma, New Brunswick

  • Take away: Fundy Takeout
  • Fresh seafood: Butland’s Seafood

Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Restaurants: Catch 22 Lobster Bar, Fisherman’s Paradise
  • Fresh seafood: Moncton Fish Market

Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia

  • Lobster in the Rough – Halls Harbour Lobster Pound & Restaurant

Digby, Nova Scotia

  • Restaurants: The Fundy Restaurant, Captain’s Cabin, Shoreline Restaurant

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