Bay of Fundy Hiking Trails

Fundy Trail Parkway
A stunning view from the Fundy Trail

Miles upon miles of Bay of Fundy hiking trails wait to be explored along the coast that surrounds the magnificent Bay of Fundy. In Fundy’s many parks find trails suited to those looking for a leisurely hike as well as for those seeking a genuine challenge. Follow rugged trails to otherwise hidden, breathtaking coastal and forested territories, such as those found along the Fundy Footpath, stick to more traveled pathways that lead you to stunning rural vistas, like Cape Split, or take a more relaxed beach hike along Fundy’s pristine shoreline. Depending on your preference, you can choose to plot your own course or be led by a knowledgeable local guide.

A few of Fundy’s hiking options:

Fundy Trail
Also accessible by car and bicycle, the Fundy Trail (New Brunswick) offers hiking trails that range from easy two-hour guided walks to challenging multiday hikes (See Fundy Footpath and Fundy Trek). Discover scenic lookouts, footpaths to beaches and cross a suspension foot bridge.

Fundy National Park
Over 100km (62mi) of hiking trails, ranging in difficulty from easy loops to the challenging Fundy Circuit, can be found within the boundaries of Fundy National Park (New Brunswick).

Five Islands
One of Nova Scotia’s provincial parks, Five Islands offers visiting hikers the choice between two scenic, easy to moderate hikes: the 4km (2.5mi) Estuary Trail loop and the 4.5km (2.75mi) Red Head Trail.

Cape Split
An 8km (5mi) trail guides hikes from Scots Bay (Nova Scotia) to Cape Split. From this narrow finger of land, which extends nearly across the Minas Channel, views of the Bay of Fundy are nothing short of extraordinary. If timed properly, hear the hollow roar, caused by turbulent waters surging over the submarine ridges far below, that fills the cliffs and forests at the mid-point of the incoming tide.

Multi Day Hikes

Fundy Footpath (by Marc Guitard)

Fundy Footpath
Connecting the Fundy Trail Parkway to Fundy National Park (New Brunswick), the Fundy Footpath is a challenging 41km (24 mi) continuous wilderness trail.

Fundy Circuit
Found in Fundy National Park (New Brunswick), the Fundy Circuit links seven hiking trails within the park. Hike 45km (28mi) along Fundy’s magnificent coast, through river valleys and forests and near pristine lakes.

Dobson Trail
A 60km (37mi) footpath, the Dobson Trail leads hikers through Albert County, New Brunswick’s Caledonia Highlands from Riverview to the Eastern Boundary of Fundy National Park.

Fundy Trek
The Fundy Trek is a challenging 125km (78mi) hike between Riverview, NB and St. Martins, NB.

The Best Bay of Fundy Hikes

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    Michael Coren

    We have two nights for Fundy. We would like to camp, hike, and experience the beauty and marvel of Fundy. Where would you recommend to spend those nights? Thanks.


    Will be arriving via cruise ship on October 19th. Want to do some hiking and /or tidal bore rafting.
    Any info about transportation to the Bay of Fundy from the cruise ship for these activities would be helpful.


    I’m looking to book a hiking trip on the Bay of Fundy Circuit. Could I get a telephone number to call?


      Bay of Fundy

      Fundy National Park: 1-506-887-6000

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