The World’s Best Dulse

Dried Dulse
Dried Dulse

Somewhat of an acquired taste, dulse is an edible red seaweed that grows in intertidal zones in the North Atlantic and Northwest Pacific Oceans. Dulse picked off the coast of Grand Manan Island is said to be the best in the world, specifically that harvested in Dark Harbour. The high cliffs along this western section of the island shade the intertidal zones, protecting the dulse from too much sunlight and therefore producing a darker, thicker and more flavourful seaweed.

Dulse is harvested by hand at low tide from June through September. The dulse fronds – its leaflike growths – range in size from 20-40cm or 8-16in. When picked, a portion of the frond is left behind so that the plant will continue to grow. During the peak summer months, dulse grows so fast that the same shores may be picked every two weeks – during full moon and new moon.

Dulse on a Rock
Dulse grows on Fundy's ocean floor

Once picked, the dulse is spread out to be dried. Once dried, it is often eaten as is or can also be ground into flakes or powder to be later used in various recipes.

According to the Grand Manan Tourism Association (2011), dulse is an excellent source of dietary requirements with just one handful containing 100% of the daily-recommended intake of Vitamin B6, 66% of B12, a day’s supply of iron and fluoride and is also relatively low in sodium while high in potassium.

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    r mackay

    is it possible to arrange a personal trip to have the experience to pick dulse?


    Who ships grand manan dulse to United States?? I love Grand manan dulse…My mother was from Canada, so I grew up eating it..Just can’t get the good dulse here!!!!??!


      Slocum and Ferris ship to the states

    David Brandal

    We are a new Maritime company who ships our top quality dulse all across Canada. We Currently are setting up in shops in Ontario, you can contact us through our website for direct shipping. Or contact us to find out what cities stores we will be in this month…

      don keating

      want to get some dulse sent to me in the states, from .S.J. live in palm springs, california desert

    Carl Avery

    If your interested in dulse call me 416-209-9810 I live in fundy Bay and can get it


      416 isn’t a fund bay area code. I call shenanigans.

        Nancy Look

        Who ships grand manan dulse to United States?? I love Grand manan dulse…My mother was from Canada, so I grew up eating it..Just can’t get the good dulse here!!!!??!

        Nancy Look

        Where is shanaigans…..What is there phone number??

    Rosan Butt

    I too have been trying to get Dulse (Fundy Dulse) shipped to us here in Ottawa, Ontario. I looked up Fundy Dulse and sent a request as to if its possible to buy in bulk and ship.

      Mark DeWitt

      I live in Ottawa and am looking for a source. Did you have any luck?

        nigel troop

        Beautiful Grand Manan dulse available now at Metro store at Beechwood location in Ottawa Ontario.

    Rosean Moody

    I am living in Welland, Ontario, but am from Saint John, N.B. and wamt to buy some dulse and have it shipped

    Larry Beckingham

    How can I buy dulse and have it ship to Thunder Bay ON. What is the cost of buying and shipping .Thanks Larry

      Mike Postma

      We don’t sell it ourself, but if you google “sell dulse online” or “buy dulse online” you’ll find some stores that do.

    Andrew Geldart

    I am interested in finding out if you sell dulse, and ship it to Ontario. Mt father was from New Brunswick, and I grew up eating dulse. Needless to say it is not that easy to find in Ontario.
    Thank you.
    Andrew Geldart

      Mike Postma

      Hi Andrew, we don’t sell dulse ourself however if you google “sell dulse online” there seem to be several websites that do. I’ve never had to order online, so I can’t really make any recommendations. If you find a good online source, would you please share it here?

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